Famous Sons and Daughters

Alfred Liversidge (1836-1921)

Englands fastest man and trainer of Gem Mace the last of the World Heavyweight bare knuckle fighters.

As An Athlete he raced for money and in Norwich once won an army officer on his horse over 50 yards.

He was unbeaten and retired at the top to concentrate on training the Pugilists of the day.

Herbert and Harry Crossley

Herbert was Novice Heavyweight British Champion. . He was born in 1901 and went into boxing training as a youngster. His fight record was excellent.He went to the U.S after being spotted by a US promoter and was put up against their best. He fought the legendary Gene Tunney. He died following a prolonged fight in new York on the 20th November 1921. His body was shipped back to Swinton and he is interred in the churchyard.

Harry was Cruiser  weight  British Champion . He was born in 1904. Like his brother Herbert he started boxing young.He took the title in 1929 and retained it until 1934. He had many defenses and finally retired in 1934.He only lost 18 fights in an active 10 year professional career. He died in 1948.

Steve Dawson

The legendary Dobbie guitarist and songwriter of Heavy Metal band Saxon was born and lived in the town. He was a founder member and has had various hits in the top twenty. He now tours with former lead guitarist Graham Oliver as Oliver Dawson Saxon. They give you Saxon back to the core.

Tony Capstick

Singer ,songwriter,  broadcaster and TV actor. Tony lived in the town when a youngster. He attended the Swinton Bridge school. His first job was on the nearby railway. He appeared on the Folk circuit for many years and was famous for his style. His record Capstick comes home reached number 2 in the charts.

He ran a radio phonein for the BBC for many years and was very dissapointed when they pulled the plug on what many believe was the best show on the radio.

He also appeared as a regular character(the Policeman) on Last of the summer wine

Always very supportive of Swinton Heritage he is greatly missed.

Arthur Morris- the pitman’s poet and Grandfather of Julie Andrews.

Arthur lived in the town when at his performing peak. He lived on Temperance street. He used to tour the land performing his monograms , ballads and poetry. He would dress as a Pit Deputy(his former trade)to carry out his act.

His poetry was very political but got great recognition. He was acknowledged by none other than the King himself.

His daughter was non other than Julie Andrew’s mother. She was also very talented.Arthur however was the black sheep of the family. Please refer to the book about his life story in our products section.


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