KIlnhurst Families

kilnhurdt event 3

This shows The Reverend Bickerton crowning the May Queen circa 1950-52 . The shot is taken in the Vicarage grounds. (Picture Mairi Beighton).


adams family rhyll

The Adams family of Kinhurst enjoying a day out around Rhyll. note top speed is 12 m.p.h.


kilnhurst evebt 4

The crowning of the May Queen

Roland Benton.

Roland Benton (Roley) was born in 1935 at Kilnhurst. His parents were Freddy Benton (1893 – 1943) and Lillian (1900-1973).He was the youngest of 9 children including Harold, George, Grace, John, Fred, Lllian, Alma, & Raymond. he was greatly interested in the Socialist movement and took an interest in local politics becoming elected as a serving councillor for Swinton and Kilnhurst. He became a member of Rotherham Council  following the 1974 local government re-organisation. In 1977 he became the ‘Mayor of Rotherham’.  As a worker at Kilnhurst Colliery he became the N.U.M secretary. Raymond and George. also worked at Kilnhurst Colliery, George was secretary for N.A.C.O.D.S the deputys union whilst Raymond worked in the pit baths, Alma was in the land Army during the war and also lives in Swinton


2 kilnhurst Bentons

Picture taken in 1940 shows 5 years old Roland stood with his father and mother.( Allan Craw)


this is a photo of  Rolly and his late wife Norma when they were Mayor and Mayoress of Rotherham in the Queens Jubilee year 1977.


annie adams kilnhirst

Annie Adams circa 1914

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