Norman Conquest

As we know from our school days, William the Conquerors Norman invasion took place in 1066. William defeated the Saxon King Harolds forces at Hastings after Harold had forced-marched his army from Stamford Bridge, near York.

The Normans began their ascendancy and England was parcelled out to Williams followers as a reward for their services. The Doomsday Book – completed in 1086 – was an audit of the property and resources available to Englands new masters.

At the time of the Doomsday Survey, Swinton was very sparsely inhabited and was an area of mostly waste and wood pasture. We do, however, get an agreement over the place name of Swinton deriving from the old English for Swine Farm. Documents in Latin dating from very ancient times refer to the settlement as Villa Porcorum –  House of Pigs.

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