Swinton’s World Famous Potteries

Thomas Brameld

Thomas Brameld

Edward Butler first established his tile and pot works in Swinton in 1745. The site off Blackamoor Road was ideal for a pottery with clay available on Swinton Common, a reliable water supply, building stone quarried from Wath Wood and coal obtainable from close by.

Eventually, control passed into the hands of the Brameld family, whose technical competence enabled the pottery to become world famous, with an international sales base and royal clients. Rising costs caused the factory to close in 1842. See the picture gallery for examples of the factories fine products.

A further world-famous Swinton Pottery was the Don Pottery at the other end of town, nearby Kilnhust had the Twigg Pottery. Products from these potteries are now highly sought after in the an in the antiques world with collectors of ceramics world-wide maintaining a keen interest in Swintons pots.

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