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Alfred Liversidge

Alfred Liversidge

Alfred Liversidge

Alfred Liversidge – England’s Fastest Man and the Boxing Trainer of the last of the bare knuckle heavyweight champions ,Gem Mace.

This book charts Swinton resident Alfred’s life as a professional sportsman, boxing trainer and gambler. It follows a lot of the fights had by Gem Mace whilst under Alfred’s control.Such characters as Posh Bill ,Ned Obaldwin (the Irish Giant)all fought Mace and Alfred was there.

Well illustrated it is a nice little book for anyone interested in boxing or local history.


Cost £3.50

The Iron Man (Iron Hague)

Iron Hague was the English Heavyweight Champion from 1909 to 1911

Iron Hague was the English Heavyweight Champion from 1909 to 1911

Iron Hague was the English Heavyweight Champion from 1909 to 1911. Although he hailed from Mexborough, South Yorkshire, little detail was known about this erstwhile champion that is, until now.

Well known author, Giles Brearley, has just had his biographical book entitled “The Iron Man” published. The book packs some 290 pages and includes 200 pictures depicting the man himself, his family, his managers, his trainers, his opponents, various events, first world war experiences and his life thereafter.

Giles said that his research for this book was gained over many years.

In addition to locally stored information and assistance by Mexborough Heritage Society, his research took him to London to the National Archive, The Grenadier Guards Museum, various libraries and record offices as well as to the Colindale newspaper, archive. Boxing historian, Harold Alderman, also passed on his overwhelming knowledge about Iron’s career. Harold, who is a foremost authority on boxing, has also written the foreword to the book.

Expertly put together, the book charts Iron’s father’s arrival in Mexborough, Iron’s birth and school days. The story confirms his love of fighting from an early age, his fairground boxing booth days and follows his career up the championship ladder. There were some good fighters around in the Edwardian times and his road to champion was no picnic. It follows him into the First World War and thereafter. Written in novel style, it makes a cracking read.

cost £14.95